"Vecinitos" catchy tunes will be easy to memorize whether you are a native Spanish speaker or are on your own journey of learning this beautiful language. 

Each song on the "Vecinitos" album explores a different Latin American country using traditional Latin rhythms, all while incorporating relevant and practical Spanish vocabulary including the house, the city, food, weather, clothing, musical instruments, parts of the body, and more! 

We start our journey in Nueva York with "Mi Casa en Nueva York" and then we take "El Tren de Nueva York" to go to meet "El Guajolote" in Mexico, Maruja the turtle and Alejo the crab in The Caribbean, Mariana the llama and El Burrito in Colombia, then on to fly above the Andes with "El Cóndor" in Perú and Bolivia and finishing in Argentina with El Gaucho. 


Find the lyrics to the songs on your right to see language content and rhythms. Parents and Spanish teachers, please visit Free Materials for more teaching resources, many of which go with the songs on the album. 

"Vecinitos" is also available on cdbaby or iTunes.

Vecinitos Song Lyrics