Welcome to Vecinitos music! Bienvenidos...

Vecinitos music was thoughtfully written to take young Spanish learners on a musical journey around Latin America. 

I hope you and your little ones will enjoy the songs. If you don't find what you are looking for please contact me and I can write a song for your lesson!

Andrea EnrĂ­quez studied music pedagogy back in her home town of Cali, Colombia. Andrea came to NYC in 2003 pursuing a career in singing. She attended the prestigious Mannes School of Music where she majored in voice. Andrea's passion for education took her to teaching music and Spanish in different schools and institutions like Claremont Prep, West Prep., minimasters, El Taller Latino Americano and Ascension School. Andrea has created didactic curriculum for Spanish teachers and Spanish programs in the city. She currently teaches first grade at Spence School.